Getting Lost in Our Decisions

Learn these 3 steps to making your every day decisions easier.
We can so easily lose ourselves, and our identity in the normality of everyday life.

Every day we exhaust ourselves by needing to make the same decisions over and over again. Do you find yourself debating with your own mind, about every decision you need to make?
What do I need to get ready for the kids, clothes, food, school, what clothes should I wear, what time should I leave, where do I park, what should I eat, I need to catch up with, what am I going to do for dinner, what are we doing on the weekend, I need to book the dentist, doctor, hairdresser, and now I need to pee, I might get the kids lunches ready first. So many decisions before you are even close to the front door.

Have a look at your day, and see if you notice yourself doing it. We exhaust ourselves by following this process day in, and day out, so that when it comes time to make a big decision, or we have an opportunity to do something out of the norm, we either can’t make the decision, or we decide not to do it. Not because we didn’t want to do it, but because we didn’t have the mental energy to actually make a decision.

It is far easier to do what we have always done, rather than try and think through what else you might need to do if you decide to say yes. If you want to give yourself a chance of being able to make clear decisions, and to leave room for bigger decisions or opportunities, then set yourself up for a successful decision making week with preparation.

Try following these 3 steps, and see what difference they make to your week.

1.       Chunk It To make decision making a little easier on yourself, especially for the smaller everyday decisions, try and make them in one chunk, i.e. plan your meals for the week ahead on the weekend, and even plan what you will wear each day on the weekend, or at least the night before. Save some energy for the bigger decisions you will need to make during the week.

2.       Make Decisions Early We are much better at making decisions earlier in the day, when we are rested. So if you know you have bigger decisions to make, do it early to try and avoid making a poor decision.

3.       Give Yourself a Time Deadline With every decision, you need to work through a number of possibilities. Give yourself a deadline to allow you time to work through certain decisions, i.e. relationship issues, trying to live in a new location, settling into a new job, or working with a new manager.  You might need a few weeks, or 3, 6 or 12 months. Do what you need to, and then make a clear decision once that date arrives. And the hardest part, is actually sticking to that date.

You can try these tips immediately, and start to feel more energy and less stressed right now. Remember you have been making these decisions for a long time, so changing your routine will be hard at first, but with practice, you will notice the benefit.

Changing the course of your life can happen by making a decision.

What will you decide?

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