Is Fulfillment Being Needed By Your Kids?

Have you tried doing something for yourself since reading my last post?

Remember the aim isn’t to go too big, find small things initially, and get used to doing something for yourself, and then as you get good at it, and used to doing something for yourself, slowly make them bigger.

My question was originally about purpose and fulfillment, and from it, came a couple of great questions from you.  The first I answered last week, about needing a purpose if you simply want to enjoy living again.

Today I want to share my response to the second question, ‘Is fulfillment being needed by your kids?’

Before I share my response, I wanted to share the meanings of purpose, and fulfillment.

From the dictionary;
Purpose – have as one’s intention or objective

Fulfillment – the achievement of something desired, promised, or predicted.

So, according to the dictionary, if you have a purpose, you will achieve fulfillment. How does that sound?

I often feel that having a purpose is bigger than having a goal, but really they are the same thing.

Your purpose might be a goal, for example, my goal is to lose 10kgs. You then set your intentions, and go about doing what you need to do in order to lose those 10kgs.

Think for a moment about a goal you might have had, and then achieved. You might have to think back several years, but look for it, there will be many of them. And I can bet you felt fulfilled once you achieved your goal, or purpose.

Now, back to the next question, Is fulfillment being needed by your kids?

Absolutely your kids can help you feel fulfilled, and seeing them grow up is amazing, but you need to think about this.

If you put all your energy into your kids, and at times they do take all of your energy, fast forward to kids leaving home, because it will happen, and think about where all of your energy was once going, what happens to it now?

Showing and modelling to your kids how important it is to look after yourself and taking time out for yourself is great, and important. By taking time for yourself and setting goals for yourself, you will actually be teaching your kids how to better look after themselves later on in life.

As hard as it is right now, you need to find time for you. You need to find your own goals, that no doubt will include bringing your kids up in the best possible life you can, but find goals that are for you.

Want to write a book, commit time to it weekly, or try 20 minutes a day. Maybe you want to paint, sing, run, volunteer, study, start a business, etc.

If you commit time to yourself weekly, and feel that you not only have more purpose to your life, but you will also start feeling more fulfilled about your life. When you are feeling fulfilled, you are then able to offer a fuller, better you to those who are important to you in your life, especially your kids.

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