Make Today The Day You Decide, Enough is Enough!

Warning: The words Love, Hug, and Dream, are used in this email. I won’t tell you how many times, I will leave that as a surprise for you, just be careful if you do decide to read on. If you don’t like the use of the words love, hug, or dream, you are welcome to scroll to the bottom of the page and unsubscribe.  You have been warned.

What if you just decided that you wanted to live your best life, right now?

Ok, so you have kids, you work, you cook, you clean, you have a social life etc etc, you are busy, life is hard, I get it.

But what if you decided, in this very moment, that you are over everything being too hard, and you wanted to be excited about life again.

Do you remember a time in your life when you were excited about the future, and the endless possibilities that the future had in store for you?

Think about it for a moment, let yourself dream, and remind yourself of everything you wanted to do in life.

Was it travel, a family, or a career that you wanted, maybe having your own business or writing a book appealed to you. Whatever it was, close your eyes for a moment, and bring those dreams back, and really put yourself in that place of whatever it is you dream about.

Once I realised in my early 20s that I didn’t just want to live a normal life, I have lived a relatively normal life. Go figure, as they say, what you resist, persists!!

But I have always known that there is a different way to live your life, and you don’t ever have to feel like you are stuck, and have to put up with the life you are in right now, for the rest of your life.

While I may not have lived life to the fullest in every way, I have always known when I was feeling stuck, it was time to make a decision to move on.

I had the courage to leave a long term relationship and marriage, not knowing if anyone else would love me, and whether or not I would be happy on my own (here’s a little secret, when you love yourself and the life you have, whatever it may look like, the right person will come along, when you least expect it). I now have a view of the ocean from my balcony, and am a 5 minute walk to the beach one way, or a 5 minute walk to an awesome lake the other.

How’s this though, I always wanted to be close to the beach, yet battled my own thoughts, I loved being in nature and around trees, as I grew up in the country, but how can I have both? And now I have both close to me.

In my marriage, I thought I just had to accept things that I didn’t like, because that’s what you do, and you have to put up with certain parts of a relationship that you don’t like.

Well, get this, I am now in a relationship with someone who loves hugs, I love hugs, and after 12 years of basically no hugs, I had kind of given up on them. I am with someone who has a brilliant outlook on life, and believes the best in others, just as I do, yet after 12 years of hearing that people are out to get you, parts of me started to believe it, as much as I didn’t want to.

Not anymore.  

I have had corporate jobs in banking. When I realised I wasn’t passionate about it, I worked out what I liked in my current job, and then looked at what I wanted to do, and how I could help people (I like helping people). So I found a job in a charity, or it found me, running a national program, helping disadvantage kids. This satisfied me on some level, yet, I realised after a while, it wasn’t enough, I wanted to do more.

I set up my own business, and purchased a franchise, helping people live a better life by being fit and healthy. That progressed into running my own business, which is where I am at today. I wanted to be able to help people in other ways, allowing them to live their best life, not just through fitness, but though the decisions they make, and the way they look at this one life we have been given.

I guess what I am saying is this, your life is what you make it, whatever your situation.  Sometimes you just have to keep taking the next step, and the road will appear.

You get the choice every single day to decide how you want to feel, and how excited you are about the day ahead.

You might not have everything you ideally want in your life, so yes you might need to adjust some things in life to get by, or adjust some of your dreams, but it doesn’t mean that everything comes to a grinding halt, because you don’t have the job, ability, finances, knowledge or whatever. Take the next step, today.

Make today the day you decide that enough is enough, you get to decide how the day is going to turn out, not anyone else. You get to decide to start living your best life, right now.

Isn’t it time you started living yours?

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