Start Something!

Is there something inside you that you always wanted to do, or maybe something you did years ago, that you want to get back to doing when you have time, money, kids have grown up?

As we get older in life, we allow ourselves so many ways out/excuses for not living a certain way or doing certain things.  Some of them might be justified, while others, really are just excuses.  

I know I have let money, lack of time, lack of knowledge, when my business is successful, when I’m fitter, new relationships, old relationships, etc, you name it, I have more than likely used it as an excuse.

Not anymoore! 

What if you picked up an instrument you once played, or tried something new, started learning a new skill, or started a new business or side hustle. 

They say life begins outside your comfort zone, and in starting something, whatever that is for you, you just might find life waiting for you. 

It’s time to make a moove on life. 

It’s your life, and only you get to decide how you live it. 

Published by Simon | The School of Purpose

An optimistic introvert, helping introverts overcome self doubt, build confidence, and start living life on purpose.

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