Let Out Your Inner Child

“How old are you?”

“Act your age”

“Grow up”

Do you remember hearing those words as a child (and quite possibly, or more likely, as an adult, especially if you’re a male), or even saying those words to your own kids. 

It’s funny, as kids, you want nothing more than to be older, that’s until you get older, then you want to be younger. 

If that’s the case, shouldn’t we then be encouraging our kids to be kids, for longer?

And as adults, what’s wrong with not acting our age, sometimes, having fun and remembering that, as kids, we were prepared to just do things, without fear, or wondering what might go wrong, we just did it. 

In starting something new, doing something different, after years of being told you can’t do that, or you need to do it this way, get a degree, have years of experience, we allow all those comments to influence and form our decisions not to do something.

Why not encourage the child in all of us, and just start something new?

I used to think I needed to have everything set up in my business before I could actually do it, let’s not even mention not believing in myself, or thinking I had anything to offer the world, that’s for another time. 

Did I need everything set up so I could look professional, so people would trust me, or so they would think I knew what I was talking about. 

Was I worried about what people would say about me, think about me, or even laugh at me for looking silly? Absolutely, but now I can share those feelings with you, hoping you can learn from what I should have done, all those years ago. 

From memory I would have spent between $10-$15,000 in setting up my running coaching business website and sales pages, getting logos done, writing ebooks, and basically making sure I looked the part. 

How much time did I waste and how many people did I actually help in trying to look professional? Who knows, maybe a few hundred, but in $$ terms, it was definitely a learning experience rather than a financial success. 

How many people could I have helped if I just started, without building everything before they came. 

Now if you search my domain simonmoo.com or optimisticintrovert.com you get nothing, and I am ok with it. It will happen, but first I want to start helping others before I do all that ‘professional’ stuff, and I definitely won’t be spending so much in making me look the part.

Let your inner child out and start something without letting all those fears stop you.

Time to start not acting your age. 

Published by Simon | The School of Purpose

An optimistic introvert, helping introverts overcome self doubt, build confidence, and start living life on purpose.

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