Living Your Authentic Life

What if your life was exactly as you wanted.

You live each day authentically.

Now you are asking yourself, what does living authentically even mean?

It will mean whatever it means to you. Living what you value, what you enjoy, what gives you energy, what you get up each day for. Do you believe you should treat people equally, yet notice yourself doing the opposite during the day, that’s not living authentically, is it?

For me it means actually living each day with adventure, sharing what I believe to help motivate others, showing my partner how much I love her, showing our kids how to live their lives by the way we live our lives, showing kindness and compassion to those less fortunate, and caring for human beings, and our planet, in general.

Not much really!?!

Adventure in my day, can be a mixture of things, especially during the working week. It might be as simple as riding to work, I love riding my mountain bike, it makes me feel like I’m a kid again, and gives me a feeling of freedom, and fun, unless I’m riding or pushing it up a hill, then the fun part stops, but going down the other side, the fun starts again, woo hoo. On other days it might be exercise of some variety, going for a sup (stand up paddle boarding), going for a walk at the beach, in the bush, exploring nature, or weekend trips away to get out and enjoy the world around us.

Sharing what I believe with others can be like you reading this, or any of my blog posts, on my instagram, twitter or linkedin pages, or in talking to someone face to face. I believe we are all here to make the world a better place, but you have to believe that you are capable of doing so in the first place.

You can make the world a better place in so many ways, yet many are prepared to go to work in a safe job, not rock the boat, come home to dinner and tv, wait for the weekend, and live that day on repeat, every single day.  All the while, inside of them, there is a little light burning, they know they want to do more, or be more, but taking that first step can be so scary.  First of all, what am I going to do, I don’t know anything, or I don’t have any special skills that anyone would be interested in.

Just start, something, anything, and then see what happens.  Start with what you love or what interests you. 

I have friends who motivate me for so many different reasons. They may have taken the leap of faith on a business idea they had, quit their job and gone for it, another friend helps kids needing crisis accommodation.  He has them stay in his home, with his family, when they have been taken from their home due to any number of horrible reasons going on in the child’s life, and care for them until a new temporary home can be found for them, while both he and his wife work full time, and bring up two kids. I have friends following their passion, be it through music, yoga, mountain biking, surfing, flying, running, cooking, and so on.

The point being, get interested in something, and start doing it. 

Showing my partner how much I love her, also serves as a reminder to me, to remember to actually show her how much I love her, every day. It might be as simple as being present for her when I am with her, a hug, a snuggle (yep, I love a good snuggle), a note I leave for her, doing any number of tasks around the house, reading/playing spending time with her kids, believing in her, spending quality time with her, going on an adventure together, and generally making the decision to love her, every single day.

Showing our kids how to live their lives in the way we live our lives, starts with loving each other, believing in each other, being grateful for everything in our lives, being adventurous, challenging ourselves, enjoying nature and the world around us, having fun, and not taking life too seriously. We show them by supporting and encouraging them, allowing them to speak what’s in their minds and hearts, letting them be kids and do things that kids should do, without getting in trouble (most of the time), we challenge them to think outside the box, and that it really is ok to fail at things, learn from those failures, and move on.

Showing kindness and compassion to those less fortunate, here is where I am not going so well at present. While we support with monthly donations to help a child struggling financially, in the past, I would volunteer my time by talking with old people who don’t have family or friends, and simply wanted someone to talk to.  I allowed having a job, and the so many excuses life can give us, to stop doing it, and be a one day thing when I have time again.

On the flip side, it is funny when we ask life/universe/god/whoever, for something, unless we ask for exactly what we want, then we will get exactly what we ask for. Read that sentence again if you need to.

When I would write down what I wanted in life, I had written that I wanted to help kids and older people. Well, guess what I got, exactly that, in my job, just not in the volunteering capacity I was thinking of.  In my job, I help kids looking to get their driving licence, and I test older drivers over 85, looking to keep their licence, and make sure they are safe drivers for other road users, so I do help younger people and older people, it just doesn’t give me the satisfaction I was looking for.

In my daily journal I now write giving back both financially and with my time to help those in need, so I will be out there again helping older people, and younger people for the right reasons.

Caring for human beings, and our planet, in general, is an automatic one for me, or at least the caring for human beings part is, every day. My natural state is to care for others, and try and see the best in others, even when what is in front of you, may be their worst. I’ll admit that people can frustrate me at times, but in general, I hate seeing people suffering, in pain for any number of reasons, struggling through life, or hurting. I want them to know it is going to be ok, and that the sun will rise tomorrow, and life will go on, even though it may not seem like it, in that particular moment.

I want and encourage others to do more with their lives, especially when I can see they have potential, if only they could get out of their own way. I get excited when I see those who have some serious challenges, try something new, or have a go at something even when they might fail, yet they have a go anyway. We all get one opportunity at life, and it is super short, so please go and make something of it, even if you help one person, they may go on and help another, or several others.

Our planet, another area of my life I definitely need to work on. My car isn’t electric, we don’t use a log fire to keep us warm (except when camping), and we don’t use the same bath water (like I did as a kid growing up with 5 siblings, ewww), or even a bucket to wash us each day. 

I do admire its beauty, and am grateful for it every single day (praise the lord, give this man an award of some type, he is grateful for the planet, yippee), and am well aware of the many ways humans are damaging what we have.

We recycle, (yes, another award coming my way), and pick up rubbish others leave behind, and I ride to work more than I used to (ok, this was about fitness and enjoying riding rather than thinking about the planet, but now I am writing about it, I am now thinking about the benefits to the planet).  

I did wonder about including this section on our planet, but in me wanting to live authentically, and sharing how I do it, I wanted to be authentic, and honest with you. We don’t get everything right all the time, but that doesn’t mean we should give up, or not try.

My partner provides inspiration to me, and more importantly, to her children as she will pick up rubbish anywhere she goes. At the skate park, there is always rubbish left behind, so while the kids would skate, or skoot, she will be collecting all the rubbish (and there is a lot), and putting it in the bins. Now when she isn’t there, the kids start picking up rubbish without even thinking about it, or saying anything about it, it’s just what they do.  They are always watching, even when you think they couldn’t care less about it. And yes, I pick up rubbish at the skate park as well (hooray, I think that’s three awards coming my way).

In sharing how I live my life authentically, or at least try to, I am aware of the areas I need to work on, and while there is more to living it authentically, like showing others not to take life too seriously, having fun, and enjoying the ride, and quality time with family and friends (I need to work on both of these areas, to get them to where I am happy with these areas of my life), they all happen daily for me, I want you to think about how you are living your beliefs and values, every day.

Life is given to us as an opportunity, and does not owe us anything. We need to make the most of what we have, do more with it, show others how lucky we are to have the life we have, and enjoy it while we have it.

Are you living your life authentically?

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