What Are You Giving Up!

What do you give up in order to get what you need?

In chatting to a friend, we spoke about what we give up, in order to get what we need. 

It was about money, and what we, or people in general, give up in order to earn an income. 

We both have run our own businesses in the past, where the attraction was that we had flexibility with our day, but neither business was successful enough to give us the lifestyle/freedom we were after. 

Now, we both have jobs, and both jobs are destroying our souls in some way (as in, we aren’t really helping others in the way we want to be, or following our purpose), but they also provide an income that allows us to live, so they do serve a purpose, just not a purpose that inspires us. 

The question was around getting higher paying jobs, that might challenge us, or stimulate us mentally, but the downside is what we give up in order to do those jobs properly. 

More time spent traveling to those jobs, less family time, and way more mental energy invested in each job. 

Less time to build our own businesses, and actually do what we were born to do, and really not that much more money after we factor in taxes, the additional couple of hours daily commute, and add on the cost of the daily commute. 

How much do people give up in order to be earning an income they need, or think they need.  What’s the opportunity cost?

I know that not everyone goes to work for the money, but at some point their is an opportunity cost. What do you give up in order to get what you need, if it’s not financial, then it might be time you are giving up, or lifestyle/quality of life. 

So in thinking about where you spend your time, and how you spend it. A few questions to think about. 

Are you getting the satisfaction you need in order to be fulfilled in life? Does your current situation allow you the freedom you are looking for in life, or are you just putting up with it because it pays the bills?

And if it isn’t about money for you, go back tothe first question, are you getting the satisfaction you need in order to be fulfilled in life? 

If not, then why not, you are the one who is responsible for your current situation and only you can do something about it. No one else is going to do it for you.

Published by Simon | The School of Purpose

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