Stop Caring About What Others Think!

Why can’t we all poo on the road?

Taking holly, our dog, for a walk, always involves at least one poo (for me anyway, and a couple for holly 😜). 

Why is it, that more often than not, she will ignore all the grass, and poo on the footpath, or on the road, usually in front of a crowd. 

She doesn’t care, she doesn’t have to pick it up, we are the ones that often feel embarrassed, with her looking so awkward, waiting for her to finish her business. 

Why can’t we all be more like holly, and not care so much about what others think. So what if people see you pooing on the road, does it really matter? (Please don’t start pooing on the road people, it’s a metaphor). 

While I have let part of me be ruled by what others think of me, who doesn’t want people to like them, there is another part of me that doesn’t care at all about what others think. 

I think both are good traits to have, and both have a role to play in our lives, a little less caring about the opinions of others, will definitely get you a long way in life. 

Do you need to poo on the road more often? 😂💩

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