Are You An Extra In Your Own Life?

Are you an extra in your own life

What’s the Meaning (Point/purpose) of life?

I wonder if anyone has ever written on this topic before, hmmm??

This isn’t about trying to give you the answer that so many are seeking.

You are asking the wrong question.

What’s the purpose of my life, why do I get up each day, what do I love doing, what gives me my greatest joy, what brings a smile to my heart, what am I prepared to fight for.

When people try and ask a question as big as what’s the meaning of life, your brain is trying to find an answer for everyone. Instead, focus on you, and then you will find the meaning of life.

Imagine your life is a movie, and you are sitting down to watch it, (I would have popcorn and a choc top). What would you love to see in a movie about you, a movie that is a box office success for you, a movie you could watch on repeat, rather than one that goes straight to dvd.

Are you playing the lead role, or are you playing the role of an extra, in your own movie, an extra in your own life.

How does it make you feel as you sit there watching yourself take on new things, being adventurous, taking on challenges, and living life to the fullest. Or, are you in the background of a few scenes, walking buy, sitting at a table in a café, in the background, wanting to be playing the leading role, yet deciding that you are ok with being in the background, there are way too many lines to remember if you played the lead role.

Being the lead in your movie, doesn’t mean you need to be a super confident person, an extrovert, or someone who leads others in any capacity, you can still be you, and be the lead in your own way, it is after all, your movie. You can still play this thing called life, and live it to the fullest, in the way that only you know how to do.

Remember, this is your movie, you are the writer and director, you are the one who decides how you want your movie to play out, and you are the one who decides if it is a box office success, or if it goes straight to dvd.

Prior to running my own business BOB (Before Own Business), my personal barometer for success was my position, how much money I made, what my title was, and how many things I owned. This was extremely advanced thinking, (NOT), but at some point, I placed more importance on my title, wealth and assets, as a measurement of how others would see if I was successful or not, rather than the job I was doing, or rather than anything else going on in my life. When I was running my own business, my barometer for success was how much money my business was making, and lifestyle, was I living the lifestyle I wanted to live. As social media took off, I then added to my list of what makes me successful, how many likes was I getting, how many followers.

Based on my own barometers for success, or how I think others would think whether I was successful or not, I have been a massive failure (no need to beat around the bush), and my movie was definitely not on the best seller list.  Yet inside of me, I have always known I wanted to help others, I always knew I had more to offer this world, and that if I wasn’t being challenged in some way, or happy with where I was at, I would move on, and do something about it.

Ever since I was a kid, I would write or have different ideas on running my own business, my first idea was selling my dads out of date posters he would bring home from work, it wasn’t a raging success considering I sold none, but it planted a seed. I have pages of business ideas written down over the years, and while I think lots of them could have been potential businesses and are good ideas, I didn’t follow through on most of them, so they simply sit there as ideas.

Now days, my barometer for success is a little more rounded. I definitely have more work to do on this, and I know it will always need adjusting, I refer back to my article on living authentically. Now I look at success as how do I contribute back to this world, who do I help, how do I help, my family, adventure, friends, happiness, fun. My business brain still looks at numbers in my business, it doesn’t impact me anymore (as much as it used to) if people don’t like, or follow me. I know that in helping others do more with their life, there will be many that don’t need to hear my message, or don’t connect with it, and that’s fine by me, I am only interested in those I am able to help, those I do connect with.

Think about your own life, your own movie. Is it an action/adventure movie, thriller, drama, horror, romance, a comedy, or all of the above. You are the only one who can decide what type of movie it is, and whether or not you are playing the leading role.

Is it, your life, a success, and how do you measure your own success?

The meaning of life isn’t such a big mystery, it is what you make of it. It’s about everything you want it to be about, the victories, failures, adventure, fun and the mystery. It’s about you deciding whether you turn up each day, and live your life on purpose, or not, that’s the beauty of it, you get to decide.

Are you an extra in your own life, or are you playing the leading role?

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