Warning, P Double O, Ahead!

Warning! Swearing ahead

I wrote a post about our dog pooing on the road a couple of days ago, and received this reply from someone. 

“since when has it become so acceptable to use that p double o word?  I am horrified & disgusted at the blase attitude of people these days… surely they must realise that there are those of us in the community who are utterly offended by such blatant disregard for our sensibilities.

Anyone who uses that language in an advertisement or email to me will be automatically deleted, without reading any of the content.  I hope you take this on as serious feedback, from one who bothers to take the time to express her outrage, vs the many who won’t.”

At first I thought it was a joke, as a dog doing a poo, or the ‘p double o’ word, is an everyday event, and something any dog owner is quite familiar with, as they are, and any parent is, with the word poo. 

I’m a little disappointed that she clearly missed my post the day before, where I used the word shit. 

I decided to use my better judgement in the post about our dog, and say dog poo, instead of dog shit. I felt poo was the more appropriate of the two. 

So, to anyone who is offended by my poo language, it may be in your best interest to stop following me, as it, and other words similar, may come out from time to time. I would hate for my potty mouth to have such a big affect in your life. 


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