The Bigger The Failure You Are!

What’s the best way to start anything new? 

Just start..

How easy does that sound?

So why then, doesn’t everyone just simply start doing something new?

Because everyone, myself included, wants to make it way harder than it needs to be. 

Our brain is the only thing that actually starts, and it doesn’t just start, it takes off, and kicks into overdrive, to remind us of all the reasons why we can’t just start something. Because that makes total sense doesn’t it! Not.

If the rest of our body kicked into overdrive like our brains do, well, you can imagine the result. How much more you would have achieved in your life if you took immediate action on everything you wanted to do?

Our trusty brain brings us back to reality quickly, and reminds us of everything going on in our lives. It very kindly reminds us of all those things that haven’t been a priority, until now, and reminds us of all the reasons why we can’t simply start something, now.

It might be family reasons, financial, time constraints, for some reason fixing that broken door is a priority, your job might be stopping you, or you aren’t allowing yourself to start something because of the type of work you do, your body could be stopping you, it might be scary, or it could be a hidden fear, from all those times you have been told no in your life, including when you have said no to yourself (handy hint, start saying yes to yourself, more often, start believing in yourself).

Or, you might have forgotten how to include fun in your life, and now that you are older, and wiser, you need to be serious, and can’t be seen to be having fun. Yawn, stop being so boring, life is for living, remind yourself, and show your kids, friends, work mates, that you still know how to have fun. Get over yourself, forget about the image of who you should be, or are trying to present to the world, and get out there, dance in front of strangers, jump, run, play and do all those things you did as a kid when you had no fear, and before you were told no, you can’t do that.

The point being, there are plenty of ways to justify why you can’t start something, even when it is a hidden fear, or reason, holding you back. The fact that you have thought about starting something is a great first step, now it is time to follow through.

You might embarrass yourself, you might not end up liking what-ever it is that you start, but now as an adult, you can make those decisions, and if you don’t like it, first, recognise yourself for actually starting something, then, go back to step 1, and start something else. Please don’t sit back down and say, “I tried that, didn’t work, so I won’t try again’.

Didn’t Thomas Edison say something along these lines, that he didn’t fail 10,000 times, he just found 10,000 ways that didn’t work. There is never anything wrong with failure, in fact the exact opposite is true.

‘The less you have failed in life, the bigger failure you are.’

Ouch! How does that feel?

And yes you might embarrass yourself, but you also might have a lot of fun at the same time.

Listen, we all live at best to 90 or even 100, but let’s say you have around 80 years of quality life in total. Take out a pen and draw 9 lines down the page, and 11 lines across the page, you are trying to draw 80 boxes (no need to worry about being precise, this is a great way to practice just starting something).

Next, with your pen, draw a cross in each box to represent every year of your life.

How is it looking now? How many empty boxes are there remaining?

Now do you feel like starting something, today!

In the scheme of things, our lives are super short. If you spend your life wondering about what if, then you will come to the end of it not even needing to worry about what if, as you either won’t remember getting out of bed that day, or you won’t have the ability to do anything about it (sad, but true).

What if you went for a new job, started that business, tried an art class, had singing lessons, used your skills to help those in need, jumped out of a plane (with a parachute), went hiking up a mountain in a foreign country, or did basically anything that you have been putting off. What if you didn’t put it off any longer?

If we all spent more of our time going for our what if’s, and making the most of the opportunities that come our way, then we would all be living more of our life on purpose. I believe there would be even more innovation, more creativity and more people out there inspiring and helping others, and themselves.

When you start going for all your what if’s, you actually start believing in your own abilities, believing in you. The world is full of people who don’t believe in themselves, if even a small percentage started believing in themselves more than they do, the world, and everyone in it, would be a much happier, brighter and smarter place to be. This isn’t about being arrogant, or even being selfish, it’s about helping yourself, so that we can all be even better at helping others.

Whatever it is for you, what’s the simplest step you can take, what’s the easiest thing you can do to get started? Isn’t it time you started something?

Comment below, what are you trying to start, and what’s the simplest step you can take?

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