What Blocks Are Stopping You From Living?

What blocks are you unconsciously putting up, that stop you from starting?

How often have you tried to start something new, or do something different until you get blocked, or challenged, and you then lose focus on what it is that you’re starting, or you decide it isn’t really that important anyway, and you will come back to it later, when you have more time (insert laughing emoji here). 

It could be in any area of your life. You might have been trying to learn a new instrument, study a course, research a new job, start a business, write a book, learn to run, exercise, book club, dancing, singing, move to a new home, new suburb or new country, etc..

This block might be external and coming from a well-meaning friend, a family member, co-worker, or a neighbour, sharing their wise words of wisdom on why you shouldn’t be doing that, or how it didn’t work for them or someone they once knew.

These wise words can stop you before you have even started. 

It could be an external block such as technology, and as you start doing something, and start building momentum, your computer crashes or your phone dies and you lose almost everything. It might be any other number of external blocks, you get sick, someone close to you dies, you move house, break a leg, or an urgent priority comes up, in the form of just about anything other than what you are trying to start. 

Or it may be an internal block, and those beautifully repetitive voices in your head, your voices, are reminding you constantly of why you can’t do something, or shouldn’t do something. 

You don’t have permission/ability/knowledge/time/money, and you definitely don’t deserve to be doing that, there are way more important things you should be doing, and someone else will do it anyway, probably better than you, so why bother (or are these just my voices in my head?).

Isn’t your self-talk just the best, always there for you when you need it, NOT!!

Yes, I agree, that every challenge or block we face in life, does make us stronger, blah blah blah, but sometimes, doesn’t it feel like the challenges are relentless, one after the other, and they don’t stop coming. There is a great meme out there saying, ‘Dear What-ever doesn’t kill me, I’m strong enough now, thanks’!

The truth is, we need to be tested in life, and as much as when you start doing something you love, it may not feel like work, and you will enjoy the process/journey/whatever, but before you reach this happy place, you may also be fighting all of your own resistance, both internally and externally.

You could be working against years of thinking a certain way, thinking entrenched in your DNA by your parents, teachers, friends and co-workers. And I dare say you will be surrounded by people who believe that everything needs to be done in a certain order, and that you most definitely can’t do C and D, before you do A and B.

What if you could actually do C and D, before A and B? Let’s take it one step further, and push the envelope, what if you could do D before C, how crazy would that be!!!

What if you could choose your own way of doing things, and that what-ever result you decided you wanted, was achievable, doing it your own way. Imagine if you created all the things you think about creating, because you could!?! Crazy right, or is it?

I’m not suggesting you wear your undies on the outside, or that you brush your teeth before eating dinner instead of afterwards, I’m not suggesting you do anything that crazy. I am writing a book at the moment, and I know that most people that want to write a book, resist writing it, one because they don’t think they have the ability, and they think they don’t know how to write, or two, because they see all the hard work in finding a publisher, having it edited, then marketing it and getting it out into the world.

Without going into detail, there are other ways of getting your book published. Depending on the outcome you are after, instead of going down the traditional route, why don’t you self-publish? Yes you will need to learn a little, but it is still another option that has not been available as easily as it is available right now.

This is why I will keep saying, don’t see all the challenges, you provide enough of them on your own, just start. The path will become clear for you, and you will find answers for all of your challenges along the way, and guess what, you will come up against so many new challenges that you don’t even know about yet, making your current challenges seem like nothing (apologies to those who I just scared off completely from starting something).

If you don’t take the first step and start, then the path won’t become clear for you.

You won’t need to worry about the blocks or the challenges, and you can go back to the life you are currently living. You can stop putting energy into what might have been and you can focus on what you have in your life right now, and be happy with that. BUT, is that really how you want to live your life? I suggest not, otherwise you wouldn’t have read this far, so get started, what have you got to lose, you will find the way. Even when it gets scary, or you are unsure about what to do next, keep asking questions, and keep searching for the answers, and you will keep finding the way.

Also remember, what works for someone else, doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to work for you in the exact same way. Learn what you can from others, understand the processes, systems or strategies that have worked, but then get out of your own way, and get started.

This can be the same for almost any area of your life, while others can block your progress, you can also learn so much from them, so learn it, then keep moving forward. Much like riding a bike, you must keep moving to stay upright.

‘Life is like riding a bike, to keep your balance, you must keep moving forward’

To all of your well-meaning friends, co-workers, neighbours and anyone else who wishes to chime in, including those voices in your head, thanks but no thanks.

Remove the blocks, surround yourself with people who actually have your best interests at heart, without judgement, and keep on taking that next step.

Life is waiting for you to get started, isn’t it time you did?

Published by Simon | The School of Purpose

An optimistic introvert, helping introverts overcome self doubt, build confidence, and start living life on purpose.

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