No, Is Not An Option!

What if you thought about starting something or changing some part of your life, and instead of coming up with all the reasons why you can’t do it, what if you only allowed yourself to hear all the reasons why you CAN do it?

No excuses! No if, but’s or maybes, and you definitely can’t say no. 

What would you allow yourself to do if you couldn’t say no to yourself.

YES is your only option. 

What could you achieve in your life when you take away all the obstacles? 

Sometimes you just need to start, and the ‘How to do it’ will work itself out along the way.

Be mindful of all those voices in your head trying to stop you. Listen only to those voices helping you see that it is possible. 

Published by Simon | The School of Purpose

An optimistic introvert, helping introverts overcome self doubt, build confidence, and start living life on purpose.

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