Do You Inspire The Little People In Your Life?

Do you want the best for the little people in your life? Your kids, nieces or nephews.

Do you want them to set big goals in life, and do you encourage them to reach for the stars? 

I’m almost certain that the answer is yes.

Now, and potentially even more importantly, do you set big goals for yourself in life, and do you reach for the stars?

If the answer is a No for you, why is that? Why do you encourage the little people in your life to make the most of it, yet you don’t make the most of your own?

Could it be that you are trying to teach those all-important life lessons, to the most important people in your life, all the things you haven’t done and wished you had. Are you trying to share with them what you have had to give up on, to allow them to follow their dreams. Or is it about teaching others what you know you should be doing for yourself, yet you don’t.

For some reason, we seem to be much better at teaching others what we should be doing ourselves.

Do you find that you use age as an excuse? “I’m too old, they are young and have their whole life ahead of them”.

Check your age, are you in your 30’s, 40’s, or 50’s? Then you still have a lot of living left in you, hopefully another 30, 40, or 50 years. Don’t let age be your excuse for not doing what you recommend others do, especially your kids.

Aren’t you letting both yourself, and them, down by not reaching for the stars?

You will be telling them to go for it, yet your actions aren’t going for it.

How will your inaction inspire them to be the person you hope they grow to be?

They may hear your words of inspiration, telling them to achieve good grades at school, keep practising their sport, instrument, art, so they get better at it, but they see you going to work, cleaning the house, cooking, doing jobs around the house, but not actually doing anything that excites you, or gets you out of your comfort zone. 

How can they possibly be inspired or learn from that person?

I’m not saying all those jobs aren’t important, but I am saying that you wouldn’t be inspired by that person, so why would you think your kids should be?

Think about it for a moment, let’s say you love tennis, and you were all excited about watching the major tournaments. You sit down and turn the tv on, only to see your favourite tennis player, sitting there on the sidelines, eating a bag of chips (I added the bag of chips for special effect). And now walking out onto the court, is your second favourite player, ready to play in the final with your favourite player. Except your second favourite player is drinking a can of coke as they walk out onto the court (again, the coke is for special effects).

They both sit there on the sidelines, and instead of playing tennis, they pick up their phone and start scrolling through social media. Then an umpire, jumps down from their chair and rolls out a tv, and they both start watching something on Netflix, quite possibly something they have both seen several times before, maybe even a re-run of Seinfeld (always worth another look). 

Or you sit there watching them do any of those jobs you do around the house, and while it’s mildly entertaining thinking for a moment about your favourite player cooking food for you or cleaning your house, it would get dull fairly quickly watching them do it in their own homes, day in, day out (side note, I don’t imagine they would be doing it for themselves, but this is my story, so they are doing all their own housework)..

How long would you sit there and watch these two people who have inspired you, while they play on their phone, and watch Netflix, or clean their homes. Would you feel like picking up a racquet, and going out to practice day and night, just so you could be like your favourite players, who are sitting there playing on their phones?

Don’t dismiss it and tell yourself, when I was your age, I studied hard, practiced music day and night, and played sport in the pouring rain. 

What are you doing now? 

Why let it be a thing of the past, and why not get back into what you once loved doing. You may need to find a different sport or try a different exercise, or maybe you were always interested in singing, or playing the piano, and you hated that your parents made you play the trombone, so try something that you think you would like to try.

It is not enough to tell the little people in your life, that once upon a time, you were doing all these wonderful things. It is time to show them that you are not too old, and that for them to achieve great things in life, at what-ever level that may be, you too, are going to go after your dreams, and you are going to reach for the stars.

My intention is not to put you off or make you feel bad about how you are motivating and inspiring others, as you probably don’t even realize you are playing that role every single day. We simply do what we do.

However, I do want you to think about it, and think about how you have the ability to change not only your life, but the lives of all the little people around you, who are looking up to you for guidance and inspiration, and they are always watching and learning from you.

What if they could see you learning an instrument, and struggling as you learn how to read music, hold and play the instrument, all at the same time (what?!? Is that even possible?), or you started painting, or writing a book, learning a new language. How would that change their life by them seeing what you are doing on a regular basis, instead of being told by you what they have to do.

This is a great exercise for all of you, especially showing your kids that by you getting out of your comfort zone, it is ok, and a safe place for them to get out of their comfort zone, and try new things.

The next challenge is sticking to it, but starting is the first step, so let’s go with that.

It is time to let your actions do the talking.

What do you need to start, to inspire those closest to you?

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