You Never Know Who Is Watching

‘It takes courage to start something, but your actions will change the world’

Several years ago, when I was wearing my fitness hat, I wrote an article similar to this, ‘You Never Know Who Is Watching’.

The article was focused on the running and exercise that you do, and the people around you who are watching, your kids, friends, work colleagues, family, and even people you don’t know directly, who will be taking notice of your efforts when it comes to learning how to run.

Stay with me here.

As a new runner, you think it is only yourself who is going through those early running pains, thinking you just need to make it to 1km, 5km, 10, 20, 40km and beyond, and then you will have achieved your goal, you will be fitter and will feel so much better about yourself.

Yet, on the sidelines, watching, will be all those people around us, hearing about the early morning runs you are getting up for training, hearing about your improvements, fastest run, longest run, the injuries, the hard and the easy runs, the wet runs and the hot runs. They are there watching you, cheering for you silently.

You definitely won’t be motivating everyone, but there will be a few that you know, and then friends of friends that hear about you, ‘a friend just ran their first marathon, they used to hate running, or they had/have ‘X’ illness/disease/missing a limb, or whatever challenge they were facing and they did it’. For some of those watching, the thoughts will start ticking over in their mind, ‘I’m not sick’, ‘I have all of my limbs’, ‘I am much smaller than them’, and if they can do it, then I should get out there and do it as well.

Or it will be monkey see, monkey do, where your kids will take on your behaviours, and if they see you exercising (or doing anything), they will learn from you. Just as some friends will be inspired by you and want to get out there, as it is something they have wanted to do, but seeing you do it, is all the motivation they needed to get out there and do it as well.

It doesn’t need to be about running, or fitness, it can be about any area of your life, where the simple act of you going for something, motivates others to want to get out there and do the same, or get out there and go for whatever it is that they have been wanting to achieve.

My aim, has been to encourage others to get out there and start doing something, whatever it is they need to start doing, in order to start living the life they actually want to be living. It does take courage to get started, but you will find it, once you have taken the first step.

On a semi-regular basis, I have a regular breakfast catch up with a friend. We started in business together nearly ten years ago, and we have been great at helping and supporting each other with our ideas, and been there through both the good, and the not so good times.

Lately I have been sharing my thoughts around helping others start something by simply doing, and in writing out my thoughts, and in sharing my kids book ideas with him, it has motivated him to get his own book published, a book he has been sitting on for many years, not thinking it was ready, waiting until he had it just right.

But will it ever be just right, or as perfect as we think it is meant to be?

If I waited until everything I thought was ready, or everything was lined up perfectly, then I would be dead before that happened, because I don’t believe we ever have everything just right, even when it is just right. I have waited long enough to start putting my thoughts out there, and waited long enough to follow my own heart.

Back to having my running hat on, so many times for myself, or for my clients, no matter how much training they had done, they never felt like they had done enough for the event they were preparing for. While it was true in some instances, more often than not, they would set a personal best time, or run further than they believed they could, and all those thoughts about not being ready, not believing in themselves, would completely disappear.

As I write my thoughts out on paper (computer), and write articles, I will edit them a couple of times before posting. I don’t go back and read all of them once they are posted, but for the ones I do go back and read, I will always find mistakes, and will re-word sections in my head that don’t make sense (apologies to the readers out there).

But if I waited until everything was perfect, who am I helping in starting something?

How many people will be sitting on the sidelines, reading, watching, and waiting for the right words to motivate them to start something, and get out there and start, if I don’t put anything out there?

How many people are in your life that could be motivated by you pulling the trigger on your idea, or on you actually starting something, instead of either talking about it, or thinking it, why not just get out there and do it.

When I started my fitness business, I hadn’t even finished my training, but I knew me, and knew that if I waited until I finished my training, actually I might not even finish my training, then I may not even start my business, and I definitely wouldn’t be helping anyone if I didn’t start my business. Once I started my fitness business, I had to finish the training, there was no other option.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to inspire and help so many in fitness, that I wouldn’t have been able to do, if I didn’t pull the trigger.

When I catch up with my mate, while we motivate each other, and help and support each other in different ways, he wasn’t the person I had in mind when I thought of helping people start something.

He has started many things on his own, and I am constantly motivated and inspired by his actions. Yet in my actions, of just starting and doing something, he has been motivated to start doing something that will then go on and potentially motivate thousands.

I had been questioning myself on who I am actually helping, yet by simply doing, I was helping a friend take action towards living the life he wants to be living.

Sometimes you only ever need to help one person, rather than thinking you need to change the world, and sometimes you only ever need to help yourself, but in helping yourself, in whatever it is that you start, you will be motivating others.

If I think about my ideas of helping change the world through one act of random kindness at a time, I realise that in helping one person, I am helping change the world.

You never know who is watching, but in starting something, you will be taking a huge step towards changing the course of your life, you will motivate others, and you will help change the world for the better.

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