Self-Doubt Kept Me In The Wrong Relationship

It’s crazy what we allow in our life. I allowed self doubt to control my thoughts, and make me believe that I needed to stay in a relationship that was unhealthy for me, and almost stopped me from being optimistic about life (and I am always optimistic about life).   It kept me in a place that only confirmed my self talk that was telling me I wasn’t good enough and that a bad relationship was all I deserved. I didn’t deserve a bad relationship and neither do you!  

In overcoming self-doubt and believing in myself, I remembered who I am and remembered what I wanted in life. It helped me get back to being the person I am, and that belief helped me rebuild my relationship with myself. In turn, it helped me find the person that I do deserve in the right relationship ❤️

Don’t allow self-doubt to control your life, and don’t settle for a life you think you deserve.  This goes for all areas of your life, not only relationships. There is so much more out there for you when you believe in yourself, believe in your ability, and believe the possibility of what may be.

If you are ready to be in the right relationship, with yourself first and foremost, overcome self-doubt and learn how to believe in yourself again, my Overcoming Self-Doubt course begins on the 1st February. Click on the link for more detail.

Stop allowing self-doubt control your life, isn’t it time you took back control?

Published by Simon | The School of Purpose

An optimistic introvert, helping introverts overcome self doubt, build confidence, and start living life on purpose.

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