Change Your Outcome

Last night, I had this crazy and quite vivid dream.  I was trying to get out of a tunnel, except at the entrance to the tunnel were these lizards trying to get in. It wasn’t a scary dream, but it woke me up. 

Each time I tried going back to sleep, I went straight back to the lizard dream. 

Over the years I have been able to go back into a scary dream and change the outcome, as in, if I dreamt I was falling, I could put a parachute on, or I would slow down my fall, land normally and walk away. It was pretty cool.  If there were snakes in my dream, I could turn them into toy snakes and start playing with them. It was a handy skill but took some time to master (& might sound a bit loopy if you haven’t done it before, search lucid dreaming if you want to learn more). 

Last night it took a few goes of changing the outcome for me to stop thinking about the lizards. 

This reminded me of when you doubt yourself, and the harmful words you can say to yourself, stopping you from doing whatever it is. 

You do have the ability to change the outcome by changing your self talk, but just like my lizard dream, it took a few attempts to change the outcome. In the same way it will take several attempts to change the negative words you say to yourself, creating the self doubt, with positive encouraging self talk. 

My message is to keep persisting, as you will get better at it, and you will be able to change the outcome in your life. You start by changing your self talk, overcoming your self doubt, and believing in yourself again.

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