Ideally these aren’t the words you want to be saying at any time in your life, let alone in your job, where it happens more often than I would like it to.

Being the optimistic introvert that I am, I am also glad that I had the chance to at least say, or scream those words, rather than the alternative of being hit by a truck.

It also gave me the idea for this article.

Life is about making the most of what we have. If you are in a job you don’t like, a relationship that isn’t working, living where you don’t want to be living, etc, then you are the only one that can change your situation. In changing your situation, or life, you need to identify exactly what you do want to have in it, the people, the job, where you live etc.

Inevitably, once you know you aren’t happy about your current situation, there will be a holding pattern, in the house, job, relationship that you don’t wish to be in, until you work out exactly what you do need, rather than jumping into more of the same of what you already have.

While you are in your holding pattern, you will enjoy your life more if you try and make the best of the situation you are in.

On a personal note, there is no doubt I would prefer not to be in a situation/job where I need to yell at the driver, telling them to go before the truck hits me, but to make the best of the situation, it gives me ideas for articles to write, and allows me to increase my understanding from a huge variety of people on what causes their self-doubt.

You can hate on your job, your relationships, where you live, but all that does is bring you down, as well as your energy bringing down the people around you. When you hate on what you are unhappy with, life will find plenty of opportunities to give you more of the same.  You will find more drivers to be angry at in traffic, work colleagues that upset you, shop assistants who frustrate you, a barista who makes a terrible coffee, and people who get in your way constantly, and purposefully to make you angry.

Life is so clever that it will bring you lots more of what you think you don’t want, when you are actually asking for it, without realizing it.  

How does almost being hit by a truck help me write an article you may be asking?

I have been writing the latest module in my overcoming self-doubt program for my clients, called ‘Your Obituary’. It might seem a little weird to be writing your obituary when you clearly have plenty of years left in your life, the aim is to help them see that life is short, and that by overcoming self-doubt, you get on and do those things you don’t think you are capable of doing.

The truck coming at you, is a great analogy for your life coming to an end, which it may have if I hadn’t yelled at the driver.

Go Go Go, it really is time to get on with your life, make the most of the life you have and make sure you are doing the things you actually want to be doing. When you do get to the end of your life, for real, will you look back at it thinking you did everything you wanted, and that you are happy with what will be said about you, or do you need to make some changes, and re-write what your life will look like.

I will take a guess that you don’t want everyone’s memories of you, to be that you had the cleanest kitchen around, that your front lawn always looked perfect, or that you worked so hard in your job. I’m not suggesting that you don’t have the cleanest kitchen, or that your job wasn’t meaningful, or your grass isn’t perfect, but I am suggesting that I want whatever you do with your life, to have significant meaning, to you, right now, while you can do something about it.

Who are the people that are better off because you were in their life, what adventures did you go on, what legacy did you leave behind.

It’s ironic that on the day I wrote the ‘Your Obituary’ module, and part of this article, that I was in a hospital with my partner, while she had a specialist appointment, thinking about how sad it is that so many people are sick, and unable to do much about it. From the hospital, we went straight to a funeral, and listened to stories of a family friends life, who died way too soon.  It was a day of being reminded that we really shouldn’t take our short lives for granted.

If you are reading this article, then you have the opportunity to go go go and write out what you want your life to look like, before that truck comes for you. You get to be the author of your life, and decide how you would like to be spoken about when it does come to an end.

This doesn’t need to be a sad exercise, but an exciting one where you can write out everything, and everyone you actually want in your life. Now is the time to decide what you want in your life, so that life can bring you more of that.

It’s time to accelerate, there’s a truck coming!


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