Where is Your Mystical Place?

Are you searching high and low, trying to find your mystical place?

I was having dinner with my sister recently when she asked me this question.

The conversation had been around our levels of satisfaction in our current role’s, she is a director and partner in a business, and me wanting to be running my school of purpose business full time, without the need for a full time job.

She asked “what is the mystical place you are wanting?”

It was an interesting way of wording it. I have spoken and written about gratitude and enjoying and appreciating where we are all at in life, in order to be living the life you actually wish to be living.  I have talked about others aspiring to be living the life you already have, while the life you aspire to be living, is already someone else’s life, and so on.  

And I know what I want to achieve in life, and business, mostly, yet when she asked about my mystical place, it caught me off guard.

As an introvert who dabbles in the very occasional bout of extroversion, then comes quickly back into my introversion, I have been caught out in the past sharing my goals, and what I actually want to achieve in life.

My willingness to share in the past has been trying to put myself out there, and be confident and proud of what I wanted in life.  After letting the thoughts, opinions and small minded comments of others shoot down my confidence, I now choose slightly more carefully who I share my aspirations with.

The upshot is that I don’t get asked very often, what do I want in life, or as my sister asked, where is my mystical place.

I wouldn’t be being honest with you if I said that my life is everything I ever wanted, and that my life is full of unicorns and rainbows. While there are many rainbows along with the occasional unicorn (actually there are two in our house), I do absolutely aspire to have parts of my life improve or change for the better, and it is all up to me.

Most areas of my life are pretty darn good I’d have to say but just putting a few areas out there that I would like to improve on;

  • I would like to see my siblings and nieces and nephews more than I do,
  • Fitness, after years of being a fitness coach, I have let this slip while I make excuses for it (in saying that I am jumping in the car shortly to drive the 6 hours to go snowboarding, our second trip to the snow in a month, with another trip in a couple of weeks, did I mention I love snowboarding? I’m not awesome at it, and am improving this area of my life, but I love it).
  • I get to participate in a lot of my step children’s life, which I am grateful for, but I still get disappointed on the days I can’t get to school for a performance, or award, and want to do more of that.
  • We go on lots of fun adventures, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to do more, or go explore more of this world, it’s a pretty awesome place.
  • My job, it is there for me while I build my side hustle, The School of Purpose, and at times I just want to leave it and do things such as writing articles like this, yet it is helping me work with young and old people, it will give me the opportunity to speak to local school kids about self-doubt, and it gives me the opportunity to engage with society (I found in my previous businesses that as an introvert, I was happy to hide at home and not engage with others too often, yet I like helping people, so being around them at times helps me as well, and gives me plenty of ideas for articles to write). 

Ideally I really want to be helping as many people as possible realise that we all only get one life, and that we do need to live it with purpose, as much as we can. It doesn’t mean you need to know what your purpose in life is, but it does mean that the things you choose to do in your day, in your life, you need to do it with purpose, otherwise why do it at all?  

Does it mean that I do everything with purpose, absolutely not, but I do more than I ever did on purpose, and I am all about improving myself, so I can be the best version of me.

I know it is up to me to be in my mystical place, and I am working on myself every day to get there, but I also love where I am at, and am loving the journey I am on.

How about you, where is your mystical place?


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